Are you renovating or updating your home or office environment? Have you got an idea to dress a feature wall that is crying out for something new and original? I can do something wonderful for you, especially if you have in mind large artwork. I specialize in large size paitings and can create bespoke artwork in any size to suit the particular place you want the artwork to go on. There aren’t many artists that provide such flexibility and regularly work on a large scale. I am one of them. I am based in the UK but can travel anywhere.

You may have already discovered by now that finding the right piece of modern art to suit your vision can be challenging. One email or phone call and I will engage with you. Furthermore, once you find something you like, or a number of pieces you would like to try, I can bring my paintings to you.


Outright Purchase
Ownership outright
No mess, pay and collect
No paperwork required
Appreciating asset
Prompt shipping
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Art Rental
Pay 5% value per month
Test run before you buy
Pick and mix annually
Option to extend rental
Browse Artworks