Contemporary Abstract Artist Samuel Sotiega grew up in Madrid, Spain but has spent most of his life in London, UK, where he is currently based. He does also have a base in Spain and is developing a base in Slovakia too in order to reach out to the eastern European market.

The inspiration for my contemporary abstract work comes from the events around me, what goes on in the world. I take a moment in time, a slice or reflection and create an expression of that reality. My work is intended to mean something different to different people based on what is happening in their lives at that particular moment in time. The aim is for the viewer to see something new every time they look at a painting depending on their mood. My work is open to interpretation and it very much relies on the viewer’s state of mind.

Working with both oil and acrylic paint allows me to enjoy exploring the different textures and results I get when using either one. I take particular joy in bright, loud and positive colours and my palette reflects that. In a world where organised chaos and constant negativity is what people come to expect, I believe art should bring out optimistic views, positive memories and encourage harmony. I paint because I need to express the emotions I feel. Abstract art allows me to project my emotions in a way that is open to interpretation. Where I might see a cry of joy, the viewer might see a cry for help. That is what I love about abstract art and painting, in particular, it is very subjective and it is what makes a good artwork stand the test of time.

I am constantly exploring the relationship between colour, light and form and such tormentous relationship keeps inspiration flooding in.