Why commissioning an abstract painting?

You like my work but you cannot quite find what you are looking for. You want to make sure you get exactly what you want or need! It could be that you need to get something done to specific measurements, or particular colour palette to fit the environment the artwork is going to be displayed at. Maybe you are drawn to a work that has a specific style that resonates with you. Commissioning a work gives you exactly what you want and need and you have direct contact with me in order to exchange ideas, discuss the progress, etc. It gives you peace of mind about the final result.

Are you compromising on creativity?

No, working to specific guidelines gives me a safe starting point. Essential elements such as a palette to work with and the concept or idea of what you want does give me a degree of reassurance. The purpose is to create a unique work that I know will suit what you are looking for so the more information you give me, the better. By giving me an idea of what is in your mind I can then take the concept, run with it and work towards an agreed objective. It is imperative though that you understand that there would always be an element of surprise and/ or excitement as creativity flows in unpredictable ways but you would get updates throughout the process so you can rest assured and enjoy the creative process! Ultimately it is a journey which you are part of and as such you should enjoy seeing the work progressing and have the freedom to suggest changes in order to refine the work to your liking

How does it work?

Drop me an email and tell me about your idea or concept. Give me as much information as you have, no small details is useless. Give me the dimensions, the surface to paint on and anything else you might have set your mind on. You can then give me the colour palette you want me to use and any references, if any, that you might consider useful. It is important that you don’t feel apprehensive about sharing as much detail with me as possible. The more the merrier because it will help me ensure I get exactly what you have in mind.

You can always describe ideas in less technical ways such as “darker”, “full of energy”, “colour blast”. Honestly, don’t feel embarrassed by describing your idea in such terms. Guess what, I would do the same! Maybe you like elements from two of my paintings and wonder if they can be implemented into one. Honestly, all requests and/ or queries are important.

The time frame required would vary depending on the complexity and size but I would try to get it done as soon as possible. You could estimate 2-3 weeks from start to finish and delivery. You would get regular updates, photos and even videos of the process so you can rest assured that the work coming along.

What are the costs involved?

The price is calculated taking into consideration the size, complexity of the work and the time it will take to create what you want. Each work in individual and as such, it is impossible to give you an exact figure beforehand. You also have to consider whether it is based on a standard canvas size or you require a custom made one as some people prefer to get the work done on a wooden board, rather than cotton canvas. The larger the work the more paint and materials used and consequently, the higher the price.
We can discuss this with a free consultation session where we can go through various options based on your requirements. Once the work has been agreed on and it is clear, I can calculate an estimate. This rate is subject to change if the work goes through numerous revisions, adjustments, etc. It is fair that the longer the project goes on passed agreed parameters, the higher the fee. I ask for a non-refundable 35% deposit to begin the work. Payment terms for the remaining fee will be pre-agreed also before work commences.

What are the sizes available?

I can create artworks in any size. From small to very large, there is no limitation although there will be a point where large format will need to be custom made due to size. I don’t mind the shape either, whether it is rectangular, square or any other shape that you might want. Ultimately what I would be interetsed on is to create an artwork that will brighten a room, wall or environment, regardless of the share or size.

Have you got anything specific in mind?

    Only jpg files allowed up to 2MB in size.