Art Rental

Sometimes prices can be prohibitive to someone, yet their desire to have the painting can be hard to contain. You might want to do a “test run” before you buy or simply have the ability to pick and mix every few months to jazz up your room, office or space. Renting the artwork lets you live with a painting for an agreed time before making the commitment to purchase it. Alternatively, you can choose an option in which you rent the artwork for a fixed period of time, and then you can decide whether to extend the rental period or choose a new painting, for the similar period of time, ensuring you always have a different artwork hanging on your wall. At the end of each rental term, you have the option to purchase the artwork.


People just like you and me! I have rented artwork to many individuals and organizations looking for an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to enjoy art without the upfront costs. From art lovers and interior designers to tech/ bluechip start-ups and corporate finance and law firms. Purchasing can be a significant outlay and some people and company prefer the flexibility of refreshing artwork every number of months.


Do you need to spice up the deco your home? Are you one of the thousands of renters that need art but can’t really afford the outlay of purchasing several pieces of art? You may be new to collecting art and want to take it slow before making a significant financial commitment. Whatever the reasons for renting artwork, your style and your surroundings, there is always an artwork waiting for you for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. The best part is that if you one day decide to commit, a preferential fee can be agreed on towards the purchase of that particular painting.


In an age where people are becoming more appreciative of art, pairing fine art with fine food is a great way to compliment your guests’ dining experience. Having spectacular paintings dressing the corridors of your hotel or commercial venus can be a very rewarding experience for your clients/ guests. You also have the option of changing the artwork to suit the season, ensuring your establishment remains fresh and relevant.


Whether your office is big or small, adding and rotating artwork is an easy way to transform a stale office into a lively workplace. Fine contemporary art creates a welcoming environment for visitors, stimulates a positive and healthy work atmosphere and helps reinforce your company’s branding, identity and corporate ethos. You could potentially treat the cost of renting artwork as an operating expense without biting your bottom line.


Looking for artwork that can suit a brief or a project, without having to worry about the costs of purchase? Looking for artwork to suit a client’s interior designer style? Why not getting in touch and find out how I can help your project or production look spectacular without breaking the bank?